The Teller Backpack Friends Program was created to ensure no Teller student faced hunger.

Through the generous support of the Teller community and the Rocky Mountain Food Bank, Backpack friends helped families feed themselves and their children.

Each week, volunteers packed 2 bags per family to take home based on each of the families needs. Some of the typical items a family could expect to be included were cereal, soup, canned food, peanut butter, and bread, amongst many other non-perishable staples.

Also included were fresh food items – when available – such as fruit, cheese, yogurt, ground meat, and personal hygiene products from the Food bank or Donated by the community.

These bags were delivered to each child’s classroom to take home each Friday. Before longer schools breaks, families could expect 2 days of deliveries, as well as seasonal treats.

Teller Backpack Friends transitioned to Teller Pantry Friends at the beginning of the 2023-24 DPS school year.